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If at any time water service needs to be turned off at the meter, please contact our District Office at 573-635-7011.  At no time should a customer use the valve at the water meter to turn off their water service.  All customers should have a separate shut off valve for their home.  The valve at the water meter is the property of PWSD #2 and should only be operated by PWSD #2 Staff otherwise it is considered meter tampering.

What is Meter Tampering?

Defined by PWSD #2, it is unlawful for any person, after the water has been turned off at a location for non-payment of water charges or termination of water services, to turn on or allow the water to be turned on or used without authority from PWSD #2.   If any person attempts to use the valve at the water meter and it is damaged, they will be held responsible for all costs associated with repairing the valve, which can include excavation, water outages, and the replacement value of the broken valve or a $20.00 charge for cutting a lock if the meter has been locked.

Meter tampering is not only defined as turning water back on after it has been turned off for non-payment; it is also defined as fraudulent manipulation or theft of service that is not billed by a utility company.

Types of Tampering

  • Turning the water back on after being shut off by PWSD #2
  • Cutting the lock off a locked meter
  • Burying the meter and making it difficult to find or read
  • Removing the meter
  • Bypassing a water line around the meter
  • Deliberately damaging or destroying a meter

Our servicemen periodically check for these types of tampering; eventually those who tamper do get caught.  Remember, water meters are expensive and they are the property of PWSD #2. Stealing water or destroying company property is a crime that unfortunately we all have to share the expense of.