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Your water meter and connection, though on your property, remains the property of the water district in which it resides, and the water district shall have access at all times.  Under the agreed terms of Public Water District #2 service agreement, customers agree to abide by the service regulations which allow and provide access for PWSD #2 servicemen to water meters and other infrastructures.

Remember, PWSD #2 servicemen not only need your meter free from obstruction to ensure we collect a good reading, we also may need to access your meter for repairs, maintenance, turning water service off and on, as well as for replacement if necessary.  As property owners, there are several things you can do to help PWSD #2 servicemen perform their jobs.

  • If possible, avoid parking vehicles and trailers over the water meter.
  • Keep surrounding plants trimmed; the meter area should be kept clear of shrubbery, ornamental trees, and low growing bushes.
  • Do not bury your water meter.
  • Clear excess sand and mulch; please be sure not to place anything on top of or over the meter (lawn ornaments, rocks, weeds, etc).
  • Ensure that landscaping such as paving, fencing, and decking are not covering the meter.

We love dogs, but if there is a dog on your property that is not secured away from the meter area, or if the meter is located behind a fence or locked gate, our servicemen will not enter to access the meter.

PWSD #2 will make every effort to work with our customers regarding meter related issues.  Our goal is to run things as efficiently and effectively as possible with the help of all our customers.  We appreciate all our customers; they are very accommodating and have done a great job working with PWSD #2 servicemen to ensure meter areas are clear and accessible.